Commit f9260c65 authored by Hahn Axel (hahn)'s avatar Hahn Axel (hahn)
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Merge branch '5553-php-eol' into 'master'

add eol for php 8.1

See merge request !28
parents 61cf9b47 b5500d1a
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ php:7.2:2020-11-30:Security support
php:7.3:2021-12-06:Security support
php:7.4:2022-11-28:Security support
php:8.0:2023-11-26:Security support
php:8.1:2024-11-24:Security support
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
node:Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on a V8 Javascript engine.
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