Commit 0342a747 authored by Hahn Axel (hahn)'s avatar Hahn Axel (hahn)
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Merge branch '5213-handle-dns-alias-domain' into 'master'

remove quting to  expand tilde to $HOME

See merge request open-source/iml-certman!4
parents 115f66b4 54e97d92
......@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@ function public_renew(){
# BUGFIX: does not create a new key file on renew.
# After switching from csr method to pram -d we got a 0 byte Keyfile
local _acme_keyfile="~/${CM_fqdn}/${CM_fqdn}.key"
local _acme_keyfile=~/${CM_fqdn}/${CM_fqdn}.key
if test ! -f "$_acme_keyfile"
echo "FIX: copy key from csr folder $CM_filekey to $_acme_keyfile"
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