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* openssl
* curl
* client
## Why?
The acme script allows basic actions for certificates.
### Central certificate server
We use Ansible on several local instances - on the machines of sysadmins and an AWX instance for scheduling tasks.
To deploy certicates as files each system must have the certificate file up to date. Here we use a
server that keeps the certificates on a single place (the "master" for certificates). All machines
trigger creation or update on that server and sync its files before deploying a certificate to a target.
### Abstracted logic: parameter ensure
On the certifictae server are and this wrapper. The wrapper has a parameter "ensure [FQDN]"
that handles the logic if a certificate must be
* created (if it does not exist) or
* renewed (it already exists) or
* re-created (the list of dns names in the certificate was changed)
### Handle parallel requests
If you have multiple requests from different machines or parallel Ansible calls to deploy on multiple machines.
That we do not run into conflict that 2 running requests handle the same certificate there is
a queuing mechanism. This allows just a 1 task to perform certificate actions. Other started
scripts will wait until the earlier started script is finished.
### Log creation/ renew/ delete
The script writes a log that contains timestamp and domain of a certificate. On 100+ domains it is handy
to verify when what was done what for a given domain.
### List old certificates
Automation is wonderful. You create systems and certificates for them on the fly.
And you destroy test machines. A parameter "list-old" shows certiciates that were not renewed
anymore and are older 90 days.
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